Polycarbonate Junction Boxes (IP 68)

Polyester Junction BoxThese units have rapid and clear wiring capability through high position terminals (35 mm² clamp) and boast a large amount of room for connection and easy testing facility.

Uses re-enterable resin for a clean, convenient and effective installation, the jelly like consistency remains constant. Changes or repairs to the installation are possible without effort.

These waterproof enclosures ensure that your junction boxes are extremely well protected.

Where it can be used:

IP 68 Polycarbonate Junction Boxes (GT Range)
Order No. Dimensions (LxWxD, mm)

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GT 492 402 01 80x80x52
GT 492 404 01 93x93x55
GT 492 406 01 110x110x67
GT 492 410 01 140x140x79